Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hear, Hear!

The Brits go it alone, again.  I make no investment in cosmic connections.  Heaven forefend.  But the echoing developments in Europe are so eerie as to shake one's lack of faith. 

I also have no sympathy for Prime Minister Cameron's conservative domestic political and economic policies.  So, even if he is opportunistically and disingenuously grandstanding, even if he has walked away from an expansive modern Anschluss for all the wrong reasons, he's made exactly the right move.  The German hammer and the French poodle sycophancy are once again combining to strip down democratic rights and liberty across the continent, to punish the people of Europe, and to protect the banks now running and ruining their not-so-super corporate state.  Unfortunately, the implied next Act in this drama is pretty damn dark.  But at least there is a chance now for resistance to harden, as some worthy battle lines are drawn .

There was much in Churchill to admire, and much to disavow.  He stayed foolishly wedded to Empire fantasies his whole long life.  But there appears to remain much of his humanely grounded - if rocky edged - Anglicized view of and imperishable commitment to democracy and a liberal society among all of the Islands' inhabitants.  Cameron, whatever his internal calculus, has - like Churchill before him - appropriately answered, not nien, but hell no, to the insatiably aggressive and jack-booted demands of Old Saxony.

So, for now, it is a sober nod and somber toast of the claret to Mr. Churchill and Mr. Cameron.  Let's hope it's in our stars to sooner rather than later move on to the Champagne.

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