Thursday, December 8, 2011

DeOccupy The Dark

Not much time this morning for a post.  But just a word about a word I have been preoccupied thinking about.  It was brought to mind by the comment on the recent post:

The People Are Ready ... Or Music To Occupy By

For now, let me say that what I get from this ex-post modern outlook is, "Irony is dead, long live irony."  It is certainly a tough thought to tangle with.  But you don't have to fear or embrace the dark to seek an alternative.  The power of the present is an illusion, no matter how oppressive.  Change is not only certain, it is unchanging.  The King is dead, long live the King; no, the King really is dead. 

All the tiny revolutions are what make for the status-quo, which is constantly revolving or evolving.  If Darwin wasn't a revolutionary, then I'm a monkey's uncle.  And to lock down the point until I have the time to get into it more, remember Eve was the first revolutionary when she said, "Look, here's an apple, let's have something to eat."

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