Friday, December 9, 2011

Hypocrisy, You Wear It ... Well, You Wear It

The morning Times-Picayune brings two classic right wing embarrassments in columns from sanctimonious Cal Thomas and conservative Charles Krauthammer. 

You know pious Cal, he's one of the humble servants of God who all but wanted to lynch Clinton by his testicles during the impeachment tarring and feathering.  Now, desperately seeking to make a case for a Republican nominee who can go the distance for morality and righteousness against the infidels on the other side, he avers as how the voters may have to not be so rigid on the question of personal morality in deciding on the next president.  You see, that's because the current as well as the most recent leader of the nominating process on the Holy side of our political life has none of what Thomas would regard as personal morality.  For the record, they are immoral as hell in my eyes as well, but for other reasons much more than the ones Thomas cites.

As for Krauthammer, he is once again mounting the ramparts on the class warfare front.  He excoriates Obama for trying to channel Hugo Chavez.  But we all know that at the President's last public seance, he was really calling down a past Republican hero, Teddy Roosevelt.  And laughably so, as zerObama's sway-back mount was not ridden to storm Capital Hill, like TR rode his stallion to assault San Juan Hill under withering enemy fire. No, instead he tied his nag up to the Capital country club hitching post and bought John Boehner a drink.  As usual, Krauthammer is phony in pretending to fight a war the rich have long ago won, in order to make sure their victory remains unassailable.  But the chink in this armor is and always will be that these puffed up holy crusaders for righteous self-reliance are actually cowards when their personal interests are on the line.  Krauthammer, who is on every other issue religiously reactionary, favors stem cell research.  Of course, he is confined to a wheel chair, and might hold out some hope that releasing a flood of tax dollars for this research would someday allow him to walk again.  I hope it would, too.  Just so I could walk up to him and, face to face,  ask how he likes liberals now.

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